About Polk County Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 46

The Polk County Fraternal Order of Police, Inc., Lodge 46 was formed in 1984, in Lakeland, Florida by several Lakeland Police Officers.  In the charter year, many more officers and a Polk County Deputy Sheriff signed the Lodge charter to officially start the Lodge.

The members of the Lodge originally met at the Lakeland Police Department Training Center near Lake Parker. Later the Lodge leased the old Game and Fish building on Lakeland Hills Blvd.

A few years later the Lodge members voted to buy the building at 2202 Lakeland Hills Blvd. from the City of Lakeland. It was the first building we owned.

In the late 1990s the Lodge members voted to sell the Lakeland Hills Blvd. location and subsequently purchase the building on West Brannen Road from the Lakeland Shrine Club.  The Lodge owns the building and surrounding property.

The membership of the Polk County Fraternal Order of Police includes approximately 300 active and retired law enforcement officers. 

Our membership includes all ranks and members from municipal, county, state and federal agencies. The Lodge continues to grow and where the future lies is up to the membership. Come join us and be a part of the future.

Call Polk County Fraternal Order of Police, Inc. at (863) 607-4334 today!