Board of Trustees

If you are interested in working in one of these committees, just send us a quick note via the Contact Form.


Lodge Officers

John Sheffield     President (Active Parole & Probation)
Steve Criss         1st Vice President (Retired FDLE)

Ken Gosline        Secretary (Retired Amityville PD)
Rick Sopka         Treasurer (Retired DOC)
Ron Williams       Guard (Retired Parole & Probation) 
Terry Smith         Conductor (Retired LPD)
Bill Carew            State Trustee (Retired LPD/Past President)

Lanny Sheffield    Chaplain (Retired PCSO)
Tom Dombroski    Trustee (Retired PSCO)
Ken Johnson        Trustee (Retired DOC)
Troy Chastain       Trustee (Active PCSO)

Buddy Masters     Trustee (Retired Active LPD)

Dave Waller         Immediate Past President (Retired FDLE)