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Lodge 46 Report

November 2017

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Polk County Fraternal Order of Police, Inc.
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November Meeting


November 6, 2017


Meal at 6:30 PM

Meeting at 7:15PM


125 Brannen Road
Lakeland, Florida 33811 

November 2017 Newsletter

President's Message
Brothers and Sisters,
I hope this newsletter finds each of you doing well.
We are fast approaching the holiday season and the end of the year. This years seems to have flown by!
We had a good time at last months meeting with the Polk County Judges. It was great to see some of the old and new faces that serve on the bench. It is also a good time to see some of them in a more laid back, relaxed setting.
The 2018 Florida State FOP Scholarships are available online. We have a email from the State with the links  for the Scholarship applications. We are unable to add to this newsletter, but we will gladly email you the information. Just email and the email will be forwarded to you. The deadlines are set for January 2, 2018.
I hope to see everyone at the November meeting. Please continue to help us to identify potential members. Also, if you know a member who has not been in a while, give them a call or embarrass them to Facebook to come! They will have a good time! If they don't attend, we will talk about them!
Fraternal Thoughts
by Mike Braswell
Have you ever wondered why back on May 15, 1915 that the founders of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) decided to incorporate the word "Fraternal" to describe this newly founded organization?
I have often pondered this in the multiple training classes and quarterly meetings I had the privilege to attend; and as of late, I have heard this being thrown around in discussions. Does the modern-day F.O.P. actually exercise "Fraternalism" as part of its core values? Do we, the members of the Lodge, actually know what it means to be Fraternal? Let us dig a little deeper into this and first define what it is to be Fraternal.
After spending some time Googling the term, I found what I believe to be a great example of what "Fraternal" means to me as it is applied to the Lodge; stating "The character of being fraternal; specifically, the cultivation and safeguarding of that fraternity, or brotherhood of an entire people". It is here that I see the people of a fellowship are charged with the growing and safety of its culture, to include the fiber of its morals and core values. This further expands on those characteristics we look for in our membership; such as honor, integrity, honesty and humility just to name just a few. For those still currently on the job, as well as those lucky enough to have retired from it, we know these characteristics come with high expectations, as well as steep prices to pay when such confidence is lost.
As I'm still on the job, and that I have the esteem privilege to work with "Millennials" who are now occupying the role of the common street cop, I can testify that Fraternalism still exists; but not in the traditional sense. As the "traditional" LEO enjoyed traveling to Lodge and socializing with those that are like-minded, todays LEO's do so in other ways such as social media and blogging sites. The new-age cop still shares the same sense of tradition and pride for our beloved profession; it's just looked upon in a different sense.
It's with this thought that I say we, as a Lodge, need to adjust how we are recruiting and educating our members. It's also with this idea that maybe because you are a member and you are not available to attend Lodge meetings regularly that you can still be active in the progression of the Order. What I have come to the conclusion of is the progress and success of our local Lodge (as well as the State and National) comes down to acceptance of "Change". Believe me, I know it is probably the most HATED word in a Cop's vocabulary.....but it is inevitable! However, it can also be prosperous.
So, is "Fraternalism" still alive in the Lodges and in Law Enforcement today? YES, I believe so!
However, how we decide to maximize that fraternalism of the "New Age" cop has yet to be determined. Therefore, with that said, I encourage EVERY MEMBER to reach out to our younger generation and encourage them to join our Lodge. Share with them the benefits and privileges of what being a member is and how being a part of such an organization can benefit them, both professionally and personally. And, that no matter what happens, the F.O.P. will always "have your 6"!
Be Safe.
M. Braswell, Deputy Sheriff PCSO
Immediate Past-President 
State Trustee for Lodge #46
Lodge Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi was recently installed at the Lodge. The Wi-Fi name is FOP and the password (all lower case) is foplodge46.
Log on and enjoy! Just don't watch sports or movies during monthly meetings!


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